CDBG-CV Emergency Assistance Program

  1. COVID Assistance
Office of the City Manager

City Hall

144 Tichenor Ave, Suite 1



administrative secretary

Upload Required Application Documents

Please Review this Information below before beginning the upload CDBG-CV Emergency Assistance Application documents.

  • If you need to return to complete the application process or check on the status of your application, you may do so by entering your applicant code.
  • The City of Auburn CDBG-CV Emergency Assistance Program has specific eligibility requirements, and not all households may be eligible.
  • City of Auburn CDBG-CV Emergency Assistance funds may not be available when you apply for assistance.
  • Other City of Auburn CDBG-CV Emergency Assistance Program limitations may also apply.
  • Falsification of documents or any material falsehood or omission in the application process, including knowingly seeking duplicate benefits, is subject to your having to repay the assistance received and criminal penalties.

Enter your applicant code (found at the top right of your application) to check your status and upload document(s) to complete your application.