Website Workshop

Economic Development

City Hall

144 Tichenor Ave, Suite 2

Caitlin Myers

Caitlin Myers

entrepreneurial & technology programs manager

Event Details

Website Workshop: This workshop will teach you how to capture new website customers and increase site traffic from user generated searches (Search Engine Optimization).

Cost: Free
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 20
Time: 5-7 p.m.
Food & beverage provided
Location: 540 Devall Drive, Suite 101, Auburn, AL

Registration required.


  • Create an impactful web presence
  • Integrate search traffic into your sales and marketing activities
  • Manage your website's return on investment
  • Identify resources to build your SEO powered website

Guest Speakers

Scott McGlon, Entrepreneur-in-Residence
Bob Roblin, Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Meet the Entrepreneurs-in Residence