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Alison Frazier, P.E., CFM

Alison Frazier, P.E., CFM

engineering services director / city engineer

The Traffic Engineering Division investigates complaints regarding traffic problems and monitors traffic volume information in order to improve safety and efficiency. It also maintains the City's traffic signals, signs and pavement markings, and is responsible for the design and implementation of the City's bike paths.

In November 2002, the City Council approved the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Policy to aid citizens in resolving traffic problems in residential areas by encouraging citizen involvement in managing neighborhood traffic activity. Issues such as reducing the average speed of traffic and minimizing vehicular traffic on local neighborhood streets require careful study.

If you are concerned about speeding or cut-through traffic in your residential area, please make a Traffic Calming Request to make an official request to the City of Auburn’s Engineering Services Department, Traffic Division. For more information on neighborhood traffic related issues, please contact Brandy Ezelle, City Traffic Engineer, at 501-3029.

ADT information: The Traffic Engineering Division collects traffic count data for the major roadways within the City Limits. Every effort is made to keep this data current within 5 years. This data is managed using the City’s GIS Mapping System. To access the data, open the “GIS viewer”. After it loads, find Infrastructure on the legend on the left. Expand the folder and check the box ADT. Zoom in on the map to the area of interest. The values displayed represent an Average Daily Traffic for that location shown and include both travel directions.

The Traffic Engineering division is also a contributing force for the Auburn cycling initiative. To learn more about riding your bicycle in Auburn, please visit the Bicycle Auburn page.