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From the Library Director


Over a six-month period, we had the opportunity to hear from you, our residents, about your unique perspectives on the Library and about your priorities, aspirations, and hopes for the future. This extensive community engagement and research brought into clear focus how our Library can best serve our residents and formed the basis for our FY 2021–FY 2024 Strategic Plan.

Three important issues that emerged from this process became our core areas of focus:

  • To ensure our services and facilities are as convenient, welcoming, and accommodating as possible, we address issues related to Access and Delivery.
  • Dynamic, inclusive Collections and Programs supported by active Outreach are at the heart of all we do. To make a positive difference in residents’ lives, we will develop a collection in a variety of formats based on the unique interests of our community and work closely with partner organizations to optimize our reach and impact.
  • By improving our Marketing and Communications, we will promote use of the Library and its resources, programs, and services—especially among those who may not realize all that the Library has to offer.

In the course of implementing the Plan over the next four years, we anticipate changes that will have far-reaching impacts on our community for decades, if not generations. As we work to address the needs of our community with thoughtful, creative, and innovative initiatives, we are fulfilling our role as an essential resource as Auburn realizes its vision for itself—a great place to live, work, learn, and play.

Christopher S. Warren


FY 2021-FY 2024 Strategic Plan